Third-Party Software

Software requests

RCS evaluates third-party software installation requests for widely-used HPC software on a case-by-case basis. Some factors that affect request eligibility are:
  • Applicability to multiple research groups
  • Complexity of the installation process
  • Software licensing
If a third-party software installation request is found to be a viable candidate for installation, RCS may elect to install the software through one of several means:
  • RPM
  • Binary (pre-built) distribution
  • Source build
If an application or library is available through standard RPM repositories (Penguin Computing, CentOS, EPEL, ...) then the RPM may be installed. Users should test the installed software to determine if it meets requirements. If the RPM version does not meet needs, please contact RCS to have alternate installation methods evaluated.
Software that is not installed as an RPM will be installed in a publicly-available location and be accessible via Linux environment modules. If the software is built from source, then RCS will default to using the Intel compiler suite.