Installing Your Own Software

Individuals and research groups may install third party applications and libraries for their own use in the following locations:
  • $HOME
  • /usr/local/unsupported
Packages built for personal use only should be installed in $HOME.
The /usr/local/unsupported directory is intended to host user-installed and maintained software packages and datasets that are shared with a group of users on the system. Users who add content to /usr/local/unsupported are fully responsible for the maintenance of the files and software versions. Please read the /usr/local/unsupported/README.RCS file for more information.
To request a new subdirectory within /usr/local/unsupported, please contact RCS with the following information:
  • The name of the requested subdirectory, which can be your project's name (e.g., UAFCLMIT) or the type of software you intend to install in the directory (e.g., "ClimateModels")
  • A general description of what you intend to install
  • A rough estimate of the amount of storage you will need (e.g., 100 MB)