Request an Account

Process to request a UAF RCS account with access to HPC, Storage, and/or hosting services.

UAF Affiliated Researcher

As an existing UAF Affiliated Researcher (a UAF faculty, staff, or student with an ACTIVE UA Identity / Username), simply fill out the form on our website, listed HERE. This will generate a form to be signed by both the UAF Principal Investigator and the user to be added to our systems. We will then process the ticket and provision the requested account.
In order to use the form above, you must have an active UA Identity and be a current UAF member/affiliate. If both of these conditions do not apply, you must request a sponsored UA Identity from the UAF Registrar or reactivate a previous one. Due to the complexity of creating UA Identities through the UA System workflow, we now provide the forms directly to UAF Faculty, Staff, and Sponsored Users.
To request an account, either the sponsoring Faculty or sponsored User will need to complete the following forms in this order:
  1. 1.
    Request a UA User Account be generated from the UAF Registrar. Affiliate Identity Request - Non-UA Login (Sponsored User Form)
  2. 3.
    Submit a request for an RCS User Account. This will create a ticket in our system.
After all these tasks have been completed, the new account will be established and active on the services requested.